Monday, November 9, 2009

I could NOT wait any longer

Yes, we have always put the tree up Thanksgiving day or shortly after but for some reason this year I just could NOT WAIT. I am pretty sure I asked Kevin everyday last week, "can we put the tree up today?" Finally, I just decided we're puttin' it up and we're puttin' it up today! I am not skipping Thanksgiving at all. In fact, Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday. It seems like Christmas comes so quick after Thanksgiving. It feels like you are putting your ornaments away as soon as you take them out. I am so glad I will get to enjoy my tree a bit longer this year!

And it gets me super pumped that I am going home! Only six weeks! Yeah!!


  1. So lovely! I know I want to put mine up so bad! I can't stand it! But I'm going to wait until after Thanksgiving because I ordered a new one this year that's pre-lit and it won't be in until next week so I might as well wait. Love your tree!

  2. WHOOOOPPPP!! Can't wait to see you in LA!! It feels super weird only having Heidi here and no one else haha