Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Finally Retiring

It has been a long five wonderful years that I have been the proud owner of these amazing shoes. I got them shopping with Heather, which is where I usually find amazing things, like these amazing shoes! Also, thanks Heather for finding them and stamping them with the seal of approval so long ago. I understand that some may disagree in taste, but these have by far been my favorite pair I have owned. If I could get another wear out of 'em I totally would, however the leather around the edges is tearing and I can see very clearly the nails from the worn soles on the heels. So, fair well my wonderful friends. You will be greatly missed!!! *tear*

On another note, I cannot tell you how much I love Glee. At a stereotypical high school, cheerleaders are the queens and the football team are tough bully type people. Mr. Will Schuster, a teacher at McKinley High is determined to revive Glee Club from obscurity. I love the songs, the crazy plots, and horrible sue just cracks me up (she's nuts!).
Oh, and I've recently been keeping up with the Biggest Looser. Instead of exercising, I watch other people do it. Perhaps now I will feel a bit more motivated to sweat a bit!

Last, however still big deal.... Keni and Chris are getting married this week! We are SO excited for them. One amazing perk is we're going to be around family. I am so excited that I get to see my momma tomorrow! Yay!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What have I done?

So, for years I have begged for braces. Not because I have any desire to put myself through that kind of pain, but because I need them. I've had some spaces that have occasionally been sensitive and are food traps, my bite is off, my mid-line is off, it's tricky to clean some teeth, etc. With the wonderful help of Dr. Matt, Kevin and I decided if I did not get them now, I probably would never end up getting them. Trust me folks, I'll have to say it was a great opportunity for us.

Yesterday, I sat in the chair for the whole movie of Finding Nemo and they were on... and that's when the misery began. My mouth is all practically raw inside from the metal scratching at my cheeks and lips and I can only eat soft bread like food cut into tiny pieces. Miserable! I'm very much so looking forward to after the "getting used to it" phase. They gave me this huge list of things I couldn't have like chips, caramel, ice cream, nuts... are you serious?! That is all the good stuff! Today I was wanting candy so bad I sucked on a mini Milky Way for 15 minutes just to get my little sugar in for the day. So hopefully things will start healing up and getting better soon!

And no, I am NOT posting a picture. Sorry!

Monday, October 5, 2009

A trip to Utah

Kevin and I received tickets to General Conference as a wedding gift. What a unique and wonderful gift. I have toured the conference center, however I have never had opportunity to attend a session. We were able to attend Saturday afternoon, Sunday morning, and Kevin attended the priesthood session. We really enjoyed being able to go and hopefully we'll have another opportunity to attend. It was such a neat experience to see our prophet, President Monson, and the apostles of the church.

I have beautiful pictures from my wedding with all my family and friends that were in attendance. As I was looking through my pictures a while ago there was only one thing missing. Due to the ridiculous high temperatures and humidity, it made for a miserable time to be outside and take pictures. Not only that, but I really wanted to spend more time with my guest that attended than take pictures all day and because I was on the go, I had my trained pinned up in all my pictures. My bridals are perfect -if only I could insert Kevin into them! So, our wonderful friends Doyle and Chelsea took a few saturday morning before I send my dress to be boxed up for about 30 years. The end results were great and I'm glad we got a few more in to remember this special time in our lives. Thanks Chelsea! You are amazing!!

While we were in Utah, I was able to hang out with Keni and the girls. We visited Gardner's village, where we met real witches and see some crafts. The girls had fun Halloween costumes that they were able to wear to the activity. Afterwards, Keni and her friend, Lindsey, decided it would be a wise choice to let the kids eat McDonalds while we ate Simply Sushi. It was a pretty yummy dinner! Good choice!

We came home to rain and cold weather. And when I woke up this morning, it was a nightmare come true...Thank goodness it all melted before I got home from work! Lets hope that doesnt' happen for another month. I don't think I can handle going from summer to winter and completly skipping over the fall season!