Tuesday, January 24, 2012

going private

Hello All! If you would like to continue following our blog please email me at frozencajun@gmail.com with your request by February 1st.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Pictures from December 2011

Temple Square - looking at the beautiful lights and freezing!
Kevin graduated from BYU Idaho! Elder Quentin L. Cook attended the ceremonies.
Way to go, Kev!
Dad and Scott came. You know, I just can't see the resemblance...I'm so proud.
Christmas was just us in our apartment. We enjoyed the traditional Bradley German pancake breakfast and opened our stockings and other gifts. We attended church for sacrament meeting and afterwards enjoyed Christmas dinner at our home with a couple of our friends. We then played a few games on new gift - our XBox 360 and kinect! It was a quiet and very relaxing holiday. As wonderful as it would have been (and I wanted to) spend the time with family, I did like it more than I thought I would.