Monday, April 16, 2012

Springin' into Action

For Easter weekend we were able to take a quick trip to Georgia and see some of Kevin's family. We hadn't seen Layne and Sarah since our wedding day, which has been almost 3 years! We had the typical spring time activities a barbque/picnic and an egg hunt for the kids. It was an absolutely wonderful weekend. Amazingly, I left without taking a single picture. But I do have this lovely picture of Alaina sporting her Easter Bonnet she made for her party at school.
The following weekend we were able to go to our Camp. We came back with a few crabs and some nice sunburns.

 Oh so I must tell you my Friday the 13th drama! So my little dog Lola is currently living at my sister's home (she is the one who own's Sadie, remember the guacamole dream). They were let out to play and made an escape by digging their way under the fence. Lola is very footlose and fancy-free. The minute she experiences any sort of freedom she jets. And to make it a million times better she has zero sense of direction. So Lola was lost for about 4 to 6 hours on Friday. After walking thru the neighborhood for an hour calling for her, I printed about 150 copies of a lost dog flyer and put one in every mailbox in Heidi's neighborhood and the one next door. (I am aware, it probably is illegal to do that but it was the easiest way for me to get word out). Luckily, she only made it accross the road to the neighbor's back yard. And life is now back to normal. Could have done have done without that!

Monday, April 2, 2012


So lately I have been having some weird dreams and pretty much each night the last few days. I'd really just like if they stopped all together so that I could get a decent nights rest. These are a few I've had lately...

Dream #1 - I'm in a mexican restaurant with my high school friends and for some strange reason my sister's dog Sadie is there. Maybe Sadie was there because all I do is hear her bark at home constantly. She barks at everything - other dogs, squirrls in the trees, lizards, the wind, a blade of grass. You get it so back to the dream. She starts her *yip*yip*yip* so I say "Here Sadie, go in this." And let her potty in a box of guacamole. Weird right?

Dream #2 - There was a huge black, yellow and red snake hiding under the patio table. Dad told me to kill it with an axe so I took a swing. The snake was so big I only put a scratch on him and it only made the snake more upset. He snapped at my little sister, Alaina, and bit her on the elbow.