Monday, August 31, 2009

It's a deal!

So, I'm really enjoying our chores and how we divided them. I cook and will do everything else as long as I don't have to do two things: throw the trash and clean the dishes. I love cooking and baking, however, the clean up is no fun for me. Dry hands, stinky trash, and leftover food smashed on plates. Yuck! Me and the dishwasher are best-est friends. Now, don't get me wrong... I do occasionally "suck it up" and help but most of the time I really do not want to do it. Thank goodness Kevin is such a cooperative husband!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Famous Potatos

So, we are now here in Idaho. As much as I love Louisiana I have one complaint. They would not allow me to keep my car registered in Louisiana unless I had Louisiana insurance. Here is a thought, why would I keep Louisiana insurance when Idaho is probably a half or third less?? With that all said, I was FORCED to get an Idaho license plate. I'm not overly pleased. Printed at the bottom of the plate is "Famous Potatoes" ... really? Not appealing.

On a lighter note, Kevin found a job on campus. Happy day! Now, I just wish I could find something to keep myself busy!

I know my family has been a bit curious about our little home so here are a few pictures of our first place.

When you first walk in you enter into this area, our kitchen. It is one large room that is shared with our living room. We got our beautiful kitchen table from Heidi and Nick!
That rocking chair was in my great-grandfather's house. I love it!Our little wall of family photos, mostly from the wedding. It took a few holes in the wall to get it level. Oops. :)Here is our bathroom.Our room with the new bedding. Thanks for the pillows Aunt Mel and Uncle Danny!Our extra room/study. When you wonderful visitors come here this is your room. Trust me there is plenty of room in here for you, this is just the desk area. We look forward to having company over soon!