Monday, November 9, 2009

I could NOT wait any longer

Yes, we have always put the tree up Thanksgiving day or shortly after but for some reason this year I just could NOT WAIT. I am pretty sure I asked Kevin everyday last week, "can we put the tree up today?" Finally, I just decided we're puttin' it up and we're puttin' it up today! I am not skipping Thanksgiving at all. In fact, Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday. It seems like Christmas comes so quick after Thanksgiving. It feels like you are putting your ornaments away as soon as you take them out. I am so glad I will get to enjoy my tree a bit longer this year!

And it gets me super pumped that I am going home! Only six weeks! Yeah!!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

SUPER Saturday

A friend of mine, Jenny*, invited me to her ward's super craft Saturday. It was SO fun! There was so many projects to participate in! We spent 5 hours at the activity and completed 1 craft. We assembled and designed a "days till Christmas" countdown-er thing. It was a pretty tough one, which demanded some time. Paint this, dry that, cut this, spray that, etc. I have never attended a super saturday and enjoyed the new experience very much. The crafts are adorable and the company was great. Since we did not have time to complete everything, Jenny and I will be having a super Friday to complete our unfinished projects. I am ready to get them done. For some reason I've got this craft-bug in me and I could just craft and craft and craft!

*Jenny has lived in Lafayette and attended my home ward the last few years. We both moved to Rexburg the same time this year. It has been wonderful having friends so close!

we sit at the bar

Yes, you did read that right. We sit at the bar at Applebee's and for good reasons too! While we were there tonight we saw two couples from our ward and they were probably thinking, "what are the Bradley's doing?!" So I thought I would explain why exactly we choose, and might I add love, to sit at the bar.

1. Justin. Justin is the bar tender and might I add an amazing one! Hardly anyone sits there, so we get pretty good football conversations going, talking about our home towns, and such. (We had a lady with big hair one day and we were NOT happy campers with her service. This is work people! Work or leave!)

2. And since no one sits there, we are seated the minute we walk in. How lovely, no wait!

3. We always have our sierra mist and kiwi-raspberry lemonade filled to the top. We are also constantly tended to as far as sauces, refills, desserts, and so forth. Beautiful!

4. And since we are closer with people who work there, we usually get to pick what games to play on the televisions. One time Georgia and LSU were playin' at the same time, so they put mine on and Kevin's and two others. Can life get any better? I submit that it cannot!

5. No one else is sitting at the bar, so they never rush you to leave. In fact Justin's words after we paid were, "Feel free to hang out as long as you'd like. Let me know if you need drinks or anything." And he almost twisted Kevin's arm to take a kiwi-raspberry lemonade to-go before we left. Seriously? I think that is just great!

And that, my friends, is why we sit at the bar, gladly!

Monday, November 2, 2009

busy times, fun times, GREAT times

The second half of October has been a busy one. First, we ended our work week short so that we could attend my Aunt's wedding in the Bountiful Temple. Everything went well. Keni looked gorgeous, as she always is. The ceremony was wonderful. Dinner was super yummy and so was the cake. And to top off a wonderful day my MOM was there along with my other fabulous Aunts! And I've got a pretty awesome new uncle!Keni's girls hung out with us while mom and Chris were out of town. Those two are hilarious and so fun.The next weekend was Halloween. Kevin and I decided to be Woody and Jessi from Toy Story 2. Thanks to a friend from the ward, I was able to get help on creating and constructing our chaps and vest. I hadn't dressed up for Halloween probably since I was 12. It was fun to put the costumes together and get a bit more into the Halloween spirit.
It's been a fun month and college football season still occupies a good bit of our weekends. Uncle Chris has us watching more NFL football and Emily could not be more ecstatic with her New Orleans Saints. The next few weeks will be interesting and nerve racking!