Saturday, November 7, 2009

SUPER Saturday

A friend of mine, Jenny*, invited me to her ward's super craft Saturday. It was SO fun! There was so many projects to participate in! We spent 5 hours at the activity and completed 1 craft. We assembled and designed a "days till Christmas" countdown-er thing. It was a pretty tough one, which demanded some time. Paint this, dry that, cut this, spray that, etc. I have never attended a super saturday and enjoyed the new experience very much. The crafts are adorable and the company was great. Since we did not have time to complete everything, Jenny and I will be having a super Friday to complete our unfinished projects. I am ready to get them done. For some reason I've got this craft-bug in me and I could just craft and craft and craft!

*Jenny has lived in Lafayette and attended my home ward the last few years. We both moved to Rexburg the same time this year. It has been wonderful having friends so close!

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