Saturday, August 27, 2011

Word to the Wise

And remember kids always, always, always...
check your hubby's pockets prior to doing the laundry. Because if there is gum in those pockets, you'll be scrapping melted gum off the insides of the dryer for half an hour or longer. And that my friends is not a fun way to spend your Saturday afternoon.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Teton Vu

One thing Kevin and I love about the summer is the drive in theater. We are regulars and have gone a handful of times since we've lived here. We hadn't gone this whole summer until we noticed that Harry Potter would be playing this past Saturday. We were thrilled! In fact, we were the first people at the drive in. We played skip bo and blokus while waiting and finally the magic started. Everything was going just fine and we were loving the movie. About an hour into it, the sound and picture go out. It started up again so we were thinking "ok, moving on. no problem." Then 30 minutes later it happened again. It seemed to happen at the most intense and inconvenient times which drove us (as well as everyone else) crazy. There had to have been 15-30 minutes left when it cut out for the third time (of course right when things seems to be coming to an end). "I am so sorry ladies an gentlemen but it seems like we are having some technical difficulties and we will not be able to conclude the remaining portion of the movie. Please come in to receive a refund." the employee apologized.


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Weekend with the Bradleys

This past weekend we had our annual camping trip in the Tetons with Kev's family. It is always wonderful when you get out the car and smell that mountain air and then shortly after get attacked by horseflies and mosquitoes. When we first arrived Friday, we scoped out a spot for the tent and were ready to set up. To our surprise, there was no tent packed! Our nephew was getting baptized Saturday morning so it actually worked out well. Everyone that stayed and camped had to wake up around 6 and 7am to drive in town and shower to be there on time. We however got to sleep in our comfy bed, clean and bug repellent free! Friday we hiked a shorter trail with the kids and then a few of us hiked the Tin Cup Trail. When we arrived at the top we found snow. I wish it was all gone. I am dreading the winter months, already!
We were so glad we got to go again this year and visit with everyone. We look forward to next year with you guys!The kids we so excited to hike until about 10 minutes into it. The trail was very steep and ended up being a dead end!The tin cup Trail. Thanks for being patient with me you guys! Notice the snow in the back. The guys had a snow ball fight a few yards past this point.After Trevor's baptism.Our new pillow cases from Aunt Mel. Thank you! We LOVE them!