Monday, November 2, 2009

busy times, fun times, GREAT times

The second half of October has been a busy one. First, we ended our work week short so that we could attend my Aunt's wedding in the Bountiful Temple. Everything went well. Keni looked gorgeous, as she always is. The ceremony was wonderful. Dinner was super yummy and so was the cake. And to top off a wonderful day my MOM was there along with my other fabulous Aunts! And I've got a pretty awesome new uncle!Keni's girls hung out with us while mom and Chris were out of town. Those two are hilarious and so fun.The next weekend was Halloween. Kevin and I decided to be Woody and Jessi from Toy Story 2. Thanks to a friend from the ward, I was able to get help on creating and constructing our chaps and vest. I hadn't dressed up for Halloween probably since I was 12. It was fun to put the costumes together and get a bit more into the Halloween spirit.
It's been a fun month and college football season still occupies a good bit of our weekends. Uncle Chris has us watching more NFL football and Emily could not be more ecstatic with her New Orleans Saints. The next few weeks will be interesting and nerve racking!


  1. your guys' costumes are SO CUTE!!! I love 'em!

  2. You make a good Woody and Jessi. Were you at a ward or school function?

    Thanks for sharing. It looks great!