Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What have I done?

So, for years I have begged for braces. Not because I have any desire to put myself through that kind of pain, but because I need them. I've had some spaces that have occasionally been sensitive and are food traps, my bite is off, my mid-line is off, it's tricky to clean some teeth, etc. With the wonderful help of Dr. Matt, Kevin and I decided if I did not get them now, I probably would never end up getting them. Trust me folks, I'll have to say it was a great opportunity for us.

Yesterday, I sat in the chair for the whole movie of Finding Nemo and they were on... and that's when the misery began. My mouth is all practically raw inside from the metal scratching at my cheeks and lips and I can only eat soft bread like food cut into tiny pieces. Miserable! I'm very much so looking forward to after the "getting used to it" phase. They gave me this huge list of things I couldn't have like chips, caramel, ice cream, nuts... are you serious?! That is all the good stuff! Today I was wanting candy so bad I sucked on a mini Milky Way for 15 minutes just to get my little sugar in for the day. So hopefully things will start healing up and getting better soon!

And no, I am NOT posting a picture. Sorry!


  1. Em, you didn't need braces! Your teeth were beautiful!

  2. hahahahaha oh emily... I know it sucks and honestly everything on that list minus starbursts and caramel i ate haha even though they say not to.. i cant wait to see it and I promise besides the scratchy wires (thank goodness for wax) it will get better!!

  3. Emily! Thanks for your comment about our nursery, I can't wait until he is finally here!

    Glad you're doing well out in ID, I love your adorable little apartment :) Did you find a job? Good luck with the braces...they do suck!