Saturday, December 19, 2009


It has been a while since I posted on here so I thought everyone could use a little update.

*Kevin recently finished his first semester at BYUI. Hurray!
*I have been addicted to popcorn. We pop the kernels on the stove now almost every night and it is SOOO good!
*It was been warmer lately. About 30 degrees, wow! Not really any snow, lets hope it stays that way.
*We lost power Thursday night for about 3.5 hours. A valuable lesson was learned, we need to prepare ourselves better. More candles, backup batteries, and a propane heater wouldn't hurt. Kevin has one actually but it is in Georgia, which does us no good! Guess we'll have to get it next trip out there.
*We're going home to Louisiana in less than a week!!!


  1. I wish this said "We're going to GEORGIA in less than a week!!!" Oh how I miss you! Glad y'all survived the power outage!

  2. So glad to get to visit! Hope I see you!

  3. I bet Kevin's excited about getting done with school for this year! I know, we are!! Well, have an AWESOME break in Louisiana!!