Sunday, July 8, 2012

Fourth Festivities and then some...

What we have been up to the last 2 weeks:

Every week we have mutual. It is just part of the normal routine but I did happen to take a picture of the girls for their craft night. Here they are showing off they're modpodge picture frames.
 My dad's birthday - here he is with the kiddos.
Some of the girls in my family met in Texas for a weekend of shopping in Canton, Texas. It only opens once a month and it is a huge craft fair - you can find just about anything. It was pretty hot but fun for us to just spend time with one another. Everyone commented on our matching shirts and purses - it sure does make it easy to find one another in the crowds. Such a fun weekend!
 My birthday - Mom and the kids brought me Chickfila for breakfast! It fell on a Monday so I eneded up having to work. My family, Kevin and I went to Zea's for dinner, which was amazingly delicious. Gotta love those Thai Ribs and corn grits! We later came home for strawberry cake. It was a low key birthday but an absolutely wonderful one. Thank you to everyone for the cards, gifts, and warm wishes. You made my day wonderful!
 My awesome Aunt Mel got me a Mickey Mouse waffel iron for my birthday! Ever since I can remember when we would have breakfast at granny and PawPaw's we would have Mickey Mouse waffels. We would fill all the little divits in his ears, eyes, and mouth with syrup. I was so excited to receive this and I know it was not easy for her to find. Thanks Clarke family!
  For the fourth of July we rode in the boat around at False River. It was our first time going there and loved the cute homes surronding the lake. They had tubing, a boat parade, and we swam and had a picnic. We all got a little sunburned but really enjoyed our morning there.
After that we went to the Stewarts' for some yummy BBQ and fireworks. There isn't a better way to enjoy the holiday than with good food and good friends! We were especially excited Bree and Devin were visiting. Here are the 3 of us our with our guys!
 My little cousin Cole was baptized and we were able to make a quick trip to Katy to attend that event. We are so excited for Cole and glad that we could be a part of his special day!
  Right after the baptism, we packed in the car and headed back to Louisiana to make our friend, Kelli's wedding that was later that evening. Needless to say, it was a long day on the road but well worth it. The decorations were beautiful and Kelli was gorgeous.
Funny flashback from 2008. Here we are at Meag's wedding - she was the first of us to get married.
...and here we are a few years later with all our wedding rings.


  1. You guys are so close to us"! We have got to get together sometime soon. We miss the Bradley's!

  2. So fun to see y'all the other night!!