Saturday, August 18, 2012

August Happenings

The first weekend in August we had a bridal shower for one of my best fiends, Bree. Her wedding theme is vintage, which we had fun decorating for. Some of the items - runners, teacups, and bowls - were my great grandmother's so it was so fun to use these little treasures that we have.
I also got brave and whipped up a cake. It wasn't too bad for taking a 3 year break.
My sister made the cutest little favors - flavored popcorn.
 This past weekend we volunteered for Games of Acadiana, which was absolutely amazing. It is a huge fundraiser that the Miles Perret Cancer Services put on every year (click here if you'd like to know about the organization). The mission of Miles Perret Cancer Services is to help families fight, survive, and live with cancer. My own family has benefited from this organization so the least we can do is to help them and our community with this huge event. It is great to see so many people sponser and participate. There was food, games, rock climbing, trampolines, face painting, everything. Absolutely loved, loved, loved this. We will definitely be participating next year.
Alaina bright and smiley at 7AM helping set up balloons before the event. She never complained the entire time and loved helping. 
About to open the doors for opening ceremoies. The picture does not do justice. Tons of booths, balloons, and games. There was also the convention center next door full on the 1st and 2nd floor with activities.
Alaina found her best friends in the face painting line - she was beyond estatic. Their paintings were awesome!
So far August has been a lot of fun and we are booked up every single weekend in September and October so there will be more posts coming!

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  1. Emily! You blogged! hehe. gosh I miss you! so good to catch up a little bit on your life. love ya!