Saturday, November 20, 2010

Waiting is the hardest part...

I kept asking Kevin when could we put the Christmas decor up. "Later." was his response. I was talking with my friends Jayme and Lindsey. We agreed we would put them up the following weekend (2 weeks before Thanksgiving). I thought that was fair since I had mine up last year the first week of November. Later that evening Lindsey announced on her facebook status that she caved and put everything up. The next day it snowed... a lot. That made it even more tempting! As Kevin is outside he noticed the neighbors also put their tree up. For me, 2 homes justified my wants and I could not handle it any longer. So, at 9pm I made Kevin take the tree out. Perhaps I did succumb to peer pressure. So what? Yay for the Holidays!


  1. YAY! MERRY CHRISTMAS :) i wish i had a tree like that, BEAUTIFUL!!

  2. Lucky!!! Are you guys going down south for Christmas and THanksgiving?

  3. Your tree and house look beautiful! I remember you putting your tree up "early" last year; I thought it was awesome!