Sunday, June 5, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

Last weekend, despite the forecast for crummy weather, Kevin and I decided to go to Yellowstone. I was asked to work on Monday for a few hours, so we chose to go on Saturday, which worked well. I'm guessing the threats of rain kept a few people from traveling there for the long weekend. We wanted to take a different route, so we began driving north towards Canyon Village (Mammoth Springs was closed, we are assuming due to snow). There was still so much snow in the park and to top it off it was snowing. We knew we'd see no animals if we kept going this way so we went south towards Old Faithful and we ran into 3 or 4 herds of buffalo! We were pretty excited about it and had a great time together.Some brave people were fishing in the river just behind these buffalo!
A snow drift near canyon village. It's almost June and there is still that much snow?
For Memorial Day I worked in the morning so Kevin and I could have the afternoon together. We originally wanted to hike R mountain but the weather was very windy and rainy. We decided to post pone the adventure for better weather. We played games and baked banana bread. Kevin had never had icing on his banana bread and apparently it is not common to do that. I thought it was normal since my mom always had done it when she did it. I made some cream cheese icing that was wonderfully fattening and Kevin seemed to like it. It was an easy and enjoyable weekend. Hope everyone had a great one also!

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