Saturday, April 23, 2011

Spring Break Surprise

Grandma and Grandpa planned on going to Louisiana this spring to visit for a month. They planned on heading out around the same time Kevin was going to be wrapping of finals and for a minute I got a crazy idea. What if we could go with them and just fly back after a few days? So that is exactly what we did. And what makes it even better is no one knew we were coming (except my dad, cause somebody had to know my marvelous plan)!
We drove straight through the night and arrived around 9am on Alaina's birthday. We spent our first day surprising everyone and we definitely threw everyone off. It was great! We ate crawfish, went to the camp and caught crabs, took family pictures, shopping, oh! and did I mention we ate tons?We surprised Alaina at school by bringing her birthday cupcakes with mom. She was way excited to see us and we got it all on video along with us surprising mom, Heidi, and little Nick.Our family picture. Amazing, everyone is looking at the one camera and no one is pouting or flashing 'I love you' with their hands!
The time came for us to go and we had to catch a flight from Lafayette at 6am. We were there at the airport and on time waiting to check in when they announced the flight was overbooked and were giving out vouchers. Kevin ran to the front and left the airport to go back to my parents with $400 vouchers to take a later flight at 4:30pm. It put us getting back in the burg around 3am but it was completely worth it. Now we can take another trip and pay practically nothing!
Thanks everyone back home for making our trip to great! We miss you already!

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