Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bradley Family Reunion

For the past 50 years the Bradleys have a family reunion where they camp, play games, and eat yummy food for a few days. This year was my first Bradley reunion experience and I loved it. I am super lucky to be part of such a wonderful family. I feel like I have new wonderful friends and I am excited for next year!
This is our camp spot when we first got there. We munched on some beef jerky and played phase 10 to pass some time before dinner.
Thanks to my parents we've have this lovely large green tent. We camped by mom and Dad Bradley and Kevin's siblings. Thank goodness we had Lesa and Brian around. They seem to have everything that you happen to leave at home - extra stakes, water filters, a broom, tables, collapsible closets, etc.Bradley enjoyed his camping experience inside the tent, while Daniel enjoyed some dirt. He would have ate some more if Lesa wouldn't have stopped him.

This was a game that they played with Oreos. Rule was that you have to get the Oreo from your forehead to you mouth without using your hands. Basically everyone was in line making the most ridiculous faces and trying to get their face muscles to move the cookie.

Mom and Dad Bradley with some of their cute grandkids watching everyone play games.

Our campfire. Everyone would sit around it and eat meals together. This evening we had hotdogs and smores.

Mr. Adorable munchin on his dinner.


  1. Thanks for the fun post about the Teton's. Sorry that the picture of me was not of my best side. I guess every once in a while we need to have a reality check on how we look.

    I'm glad that you enjoyed the trip! We enjoyed our stay with you too.

  2. You did not need to take the egg toss picture off. I am into reality. It is just what it is.
    Love you