Monday, February 8, 2010


I must say that Sunday, February 7th, 2010 will be one of the best days of my life. I mean, getting married is wonderful and births and such... but the Saints winning the Superbowl goes right there with 'em!
I refused to watch this miraculous event in Idaho so we spent the weekend with my awesome Aunts and Louisiana friends in SLC. It was a black out event at Amber's which included ettoufee, jambalaya, boudin, king cake, and other wonderful foods full of calories, sugars, and fats. Instead of getting a yummy king cake shipped from Louisiana, I thought I'd attempt my first homemade king cake. Surprisingly, it wasn't as awful as I had anticipated it to be.
Thanks Mel and Danny for our box of treats! The cutter was just what we needed and everyone loved the wearing the beads. It deffinitly completed our wardrobe!

Thanks Amber for letting us party at your place! Hopefully your neighbors aren't too upset about the pots, pans and screaming in the front yard after the game :)

Here are some documented shots of us in action watching the game. Enjoy.

King Cake... strawberry filling. Yum!

Pregame... All ready for kick off!
Oh No! I'm thinking this is when we were so stinkin' close in the 1st half for that almost touchdown and did not get it.
We challenged it and got two! O Yeeeah!
This was in the 4th quarter when we had that amazing interception and scored... that sealed the deal.



  1. Aww! That is a cute cake! I couldn't see it very well on my phone, but I like it! Congrats on the win! I was rooting for them! I knew my Louisiana girls were going crazy when they won! :) Miss and love you!

  2. So glad you were with fellow SAINTS lovers on Sunday!! Your King Cake looks delicious!

  3. We actually watched the game here, too! I am sorry that I missed out on that King Cake, though!!! I miss ya! Come on over any time!

  4. Congratulations on your King Cake experience! I'm glad that it worked for you.
    Geaux Saints!