Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Two words


The Saints are going to the Superbowl!
This statement means a lot more to me than ya'll may know. When that final field goal was kicked, I cried. This is so exciting! It only makes me miss home even more. I'm so home sick here lately. Knowing that I'm missing out on king cake, parades, and all this Superbowl excitement bums me out. At least we will be celebrating among family and fans. Keni... hint, hint. If we can't be at the game, at least we can watch it on a huge screen with king cake shipped from Louisiana.


  1. I am so excited too! I am really missing Mardi Gras... A pedi sounds great, when should we go? :)

  2. Fridays are good and Saturdays too! But I must tell you, next weekend we will be in Utah. Yay superbowl weekend!
    I am SO bummed out about missing Mardi Gras. Do you relize that if we win the super bowl there will be a party in New Orleans two weeks straight? Even if we didn't, the fact that we're going to the superbowl means that there is a party going on in NOLA for two weeks!

  3. The Saints are marchin' in, girl! Get your Mom or sis to send you a King Cake from Meche's!