Thursday, November 1, 2012


October 30, 2012 was super eventful. Our family grew 4 feet in one day! My sister and brother-in-law welcomed their brand new and super cute baby boy, Eli. And a few hours later my cousin delivered her sweet Sydney. How crazy is that? Same day. Same hospital. Same doctor. So much excitement for one day! I think they learned to never schedule 2 Broussards at the same time cause there was a herd of about 15 people going back and forth in the hallways between the rooms.These little babies will not be short on love that is for sure. We are so blessed and absolutely love the new additions to the family. Congratulations to the new parents!
Pictured is little Eli, just as cute as can be! Oh goodness, love that little boy SO much!


  1. What an amazing story to tell for years and years to come!

  2. That's awesome! Miss you girl! We need to talk sometime soon. :)

  3. What a sweet picture! He's darling!