Monday, July 4, 2011

Holiday Weekend

The weekend began with birthday celebrations. I am now a quarter of a century old as Kevin reminded me that morning. Thanks. We took a hike up R mountain, which was steep and full of sand. From the top you could see the sand dunes, the snake river plane, lovely Rexburg, and the tip top of the Teton Mountains.After that, we bowled a few games over at Fat Cats. Just for the record, I won both. Perhaps Kevin was being polite. We did pretty well, since we never play. Ever. That evening we went to Rexburg Rapids with our neighbors. It is a pretty neat place with a lazy river, rock climbing wall in the adult pool, two huge slides, and a big kiddie pool area.

That morning, prior to our little hike, Kevin cooked me well-done eggs for breakfast. He made up for it that night and made some great steaks! Dinner was so yummy.And of course, what is a birthday without a little sweet something with candles on it? Yummy Jello cheesecake with strawberry topping was this year's pick for me. Easy and quick. Just the way I like to cook. My family skyped with us while we ate dessert and they sang with Kevin so he wouldn't have to sing a 'happy birthday' solo. Thank you to everyone who made my birthday special, you are all wonderful family and friends. The calls, messages, and cards were so thoughtful and greatly appreciated! Love you all!
And thank you Kevin for all you did to make it a great day. You are the best husband!

For the 4th, we joined some of Kevin's friends for breakfast to start the day. Then we invited anyone in the ward who did not have plans to join us for a BBQ at our apartment. Our thought was, we are alone for the holiday and want company so lets bribe them with food. Everyone brought sides or a dessert while us and another family took care of the meat, buns, and toppings. We had a great turn out and we loved having all the company!
It was an easy clean up for us- just a few dishes, sweeping, and mopping. I wish clean up was always that easy. Sometimes its two or three times that with just Kevin and I. We played croquet with some friends afterwards and then spent the rest of the evening relaxing, watching a Bewitched marathon, and played Ticket to Ride. And to finish the day off we watched the Rexburg fireworks from the stake center. Not the best location but we saw some, which was enough for me.
Happy Independence Day everyone!

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  1. Happy belated Birthday Em!! I did think about you on your special day, and while we were initiating Heidi into the "Latrini Club" at Girl's Camp :) Miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!