Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas Break

We were very lucky to have both our families in Utah this holiday season. Christmas was spent in Midway with the LeBlancs. We did a lot of fun things while we were there - sleigh rides, ice skating, tubing, snow shoeing, board games, and the regular trip to Dairy Keen. We had tons of pictures from the week together however they are all on a disc I do not have yet. Uncle Danny, Rachel, and Nick were our photographers for the trip and a few of us contributed with our point and shoot cameras. So, I'll post more once I get them.
This year Alaina gave us presents. They were all thoughtfully selected and wrapped them herself. Mom said she was packing at the time and since Laney was being quiet she let her work on them all afternoon. They were GREAT presents!
Awesome! Pass Along cards!
A Leapster Star Wars games manual, just what I always wanted!The kids loved ice skating although they fell frequently, they could have stayed all day! I was very impressed with my grandmother who used to be a skater years ago. About half way through she slipped and had to visit the doctor. A little morphine and gauze later she was back at home with a broken wrist. Get better soon Granny!
I highly recommend tubing at Soldier Hollow . We caught a late session, 6-8pm but the entire family went and had a blast despite the single digit temperatures. They tow you up to the top of the mountain and you slide down a 1,200 foot slope! We warmed up at home with some yummy gumbo when we got home.
The adults went snow shoeing. I guess Alaina thought we were going do something she'd enjoy since we had our snow gear on and demanded that we allow her to tag along. Once we got there and got on the trail, I think she realized that it wasn't anything like ice skating or tubing... just walking. Dad gave her the option of walking down the mountain to let PaPa Ken pick her up on the side of the road but she didn't like that and whined.
Our start:Our finish:

Grandma and Grandpa treated the whole family to a sleigh ride for Christmas. Those pictures will come later since I didn't take any. We sang Christmas songs while traveling through the Homestead grounds.
We spent New Year's Eve with Kevin's family and played tons of games and watched football games. Thanks Scott and Allie for letting us hang out at your house so much. Ticket to Ride Europe was a huge hit, so thanks mom and Dad Broussard for getting us that for Christmas! I also attempted my first gumbo and I am guessing it was good since people served themselves twice. I wish I had taken pictures while we hung out with them. I need to get better about capturing the fun moments together!

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