Friday, May 7, 2010

I thought for Mother's Day it would be yummy to have hamburgers however we do not have a grill. With summer coming (hopefully!), we thought it would be fun to get one to cook outside and enjoy the warm weather (and most importantly, cook the hamburgers). We didn't want to spend a ton, so I went to walmart and got us little propane grill and this is what it looked like.

There were pieces EVERYWHERE! It came in what seemed a million pieces with screws, washer things, etc. An hour later this was our end result...

We'll let you know how the hamburgers turn out!


  1. Yay for grills! It's nice to cook outside when it gets hot and keep the inside nice and cool! I rationalized buying a grill by telling myself (and Layne!) that it was a preparedness thing. If the power goes out we can still grill! Can't wait to hear about your burgers. Also, please tell Kev (just in case he doesn't already know) that future mothers need to be celebrated too! :)

  2. We got that same grill about 2 years ago! We still use it too! You'll love it. It's hard to clean though. Let us know if you need any help using the little sucker!

  3. We have bought so many of those! We seem to buy one wherever we live and just throw it away when we move. I am ready for a big one though.