Saturday, September 19, 2009

Momma always said....

"Look both ways before you cross the street". Well, that's what Kevin did on his way to work. Before he looked behind to see if there was any on-coming traffic, he failed to notice the large rock in the middle of the bike lane (he borrowed our neighbor's bike to commute to work). Kevin hit the rock and flipped over the handle bars and had a close encounter with the pavement. This happened on Thursday and we have been faithfully cleaning his injuries and bandaging him up each day. It was extremely ugly in the beginning and Kevin was really good about 'sucking-it-up' but I was not used to the occasional whining (only when I'd insist we clean them). I am pretty sure Kevin has never really complained since we've been married or been irritable. So to look at this positively, I was reminded of how blessed I am to have a husband who usually and for the most part is not a complainer. I'm glad he's feeling better cause I don't think I could live with that all the time. These pictures were taken today, Saturday after they've done some healing.

Kevin did have a silver shine phone, however whenever he hit the asphalt, he busted the screen on it. So, we had to go purchase a new phone to replace the broken one. Sorry if anyone has tried to call him the last three days! Also, I decided I'd cut his hair. Surprisingly, I am okay with the buzzed look.

I am so glad my dishwasher is back :)

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  1. Ouch!!!
    And I LOVE the buzzed look! Kevin looks great. Buzzed is the only way to be! That is how I keep Josh's hair and and first he wasn't sure but now if his hair starts to get a little long he tells me that he needs it to go away.