Monday, June 1, 2009

One crazy week

So, perhaps I thought I could just do too many fun things in one week. The end result... complete exhaustion. After church on Sunday, all the ladies and little Nick drove 4 hours west to spend Memorial day in Houston. It had been a while since I had seen Uncle Danny and Aunt Mel. I also was really needing a new purse and a few things for the wedding reception. Sidenote: My new purse is amazing! Thanks for lettings us come visit, Mel and Danny! Tuesday I practiced with my Latrini sisters and discovered that we needed decor for our cabin at girl's camp, so I spent majority of the day looking for Chinese lanterns... I ended up creating my own with the limited supplies I found. I finally began packing around 8 pm but with numerous interruptions, I finished around midnight. Wednesday, we left bright and early for girl's camp... 6:30am. There we hiked, went to Indian Creek's man-made beach, and had skit night. I left Thursday night after our Latrini's rockin' performance. I hated having to leave early. I've been going to camp as a leader for 4 years and since we're moving, this was my last time with the Lafayette girls and my final performance as Lola Latrini :( Friday, was my cousin's wedding in Houma. Since I was a bridesmaid, I was there ALL day long. 8am till 1am. It was a lovely wedding. My cousin belongs to a 20 piece band known as Souled Out. They performed at the reception and it made for such an exciting and entertaining evening! Saturday I had the wonderful opportunity of going through the temple for the first time. It was so great to have my family there with me as well as Kevin and his mother, Kim. By Sunday I was so tired and grouchy, even the 45 minute nap didn't help. I had been going to bed late and waking up ridiculously early all week. Monday was Dr. Nichols' first day back from Mexico and we were short one assistant, who is in Hawaii for the week. It made for a not so fun Monday with patients trying to squeeze in to see him and being short staffed. No one likes Mondays, so this just did not help.

I'm gonna sleep REALLY well tonight.

It is so much better in person... promise!
All my fabulous girls! I'll miss them... ALOT!
Me and my family in front of the Baton Rouge Louisiana temple.

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  1. Wow! What a week! I'm glad you got to spend a little bit of time at camp. I hope this week is calmer for you!